Exciting Career Opportunities at Newrest Johannesburg: Kitchen Staff, Waiters, and Cleaners Wanted!

Exciting Career Opportunities at Newrest Johannesburg: Kitchen Staff, Waiters, and Cleaners Wanted!

Kitchen Staff, Waiters, and Cleaners Wanted
Kitchen Staff, Waiters, and Cleaners Wanted

Are you looking for a fresh start in your career? Do you have a passion for hospitality and a willingness to learn? Newrest, a renowned name in the hospitality industry, is currently seeking dedicated individuals to join our team in Johannesburg. We are excited to offer positions in Kitchen Staff, Waiters, and Cleaners. The best part? No prior experience is needed! In this comprehensive job post, we will delve into the responsibilities, qualifications, and benefits of joining Newrest.

Company Overview: Newrest is a well-established player in the hospitality industry, known for its commitment to quality service and exceptional customer experiences. With a reputation for excellence, Newrest offers a supportive environment where employees are encouraged to learn, grow, and contribute to a dynamic team.

Position 1: Waiters


Setting up bars and ensuring that condiments, glasses, and cups are meticulously arranged. Displaying food and beverages according to specifications for an appealing presentation. Ensuring the coffee machine is ready for use, providing a seamless coffee experience.

Checking and replacing wine, liqueur, and champagne bottles that are less than ΒΌ full. Maintaining the cleanliness and arrangement of the Lounge seating area. Continuously replenishing and maintaining the presentation and cleanliness of dining, bar, and buffet areas.

Ensuring the dining area is adequately stocked during service hours. Clearing used crockery, cutlery, and glassware from the dining area to the dishwashing area. Providing efficient and friendly service to Lounge customers, contributing to a positive customer experience.

Position 2: Kitchen Staff – Plating


Ensuring the fulfillment of all customer orders with 100% accuracy in accordance with quality, quantity, and menu specifications. Caring for and cleaning kitchen equipment and workspace, promptly reporting any equipment defects to management.

Adhering to all HACCP rules and regulations, including personal hygiene, documentation, food storage, hand-washing, and glove policies. Utilizing the correct equipment for plating and tray set-up, adhering to specifications. Packing equipment as per specification and client requirement, ensuring proper cleanliness before packing. Ensuring processes related to hygiene, quality, quantity, box times, and food cost are followed meticulously.

Position 3: Cleaners


Ensuring the Lounge area seating area is clean and neatly arranged prior to Lounge opening hours. Maintaining Lounge cleanliness during operating hours, contributing to a pleasant customer environment. Performing spot cleaning on cupboards, tables, desks, furniture, and fittings.

Vacuuming recesses in upholstered furniture to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. Dusting all surfaces, fittings, frames, signage, and furniture below two meters. Thoroughly washing and cleaning vanity areas, shower receptacles, and toilets using approved methods and cleaners. Taking charge of washing all the dishes in the kitchen area. Maintaining overall cleanliness of the kitchen, including sweeping, mopping floors, and wiping counters.

Basic Qualifications: Minimum of Grade 10-12 education.

Desired Qualities:

Demonstrated excellent communication skills. Strong analytical abilities to ensure precision and efficiency in your role.

Core Competencies:

Ability to work under pressure, contributing to a seamless and smooth operation. Punctuality and dedication to meet deadlines and deliver exceptional service.

Why Join Newrest:

Comprehensive Training: Newrest believes in investing in its employees. We offer comprehensive training that will empower you to excel in your role, regardless of your prior experience.

Inclusive Culture: Our workplace thrives on diversity and collaboration. you’ll experience a supportive and inclusive environment where your contributions are valued.

Growth Opportunities: Your dedication and hard work won’t go unnoticed. At Newrest, we offer growth opportunities for individuals who display commitment, leadership potential, and a passion for excellence.

How to Apply:

Are you ready to embark on an exciting career journey with Newrest? This is your chance to join a team that values your potential and enthusiasm, regardless of your prior experience. To submit your application, visit our official website or contact us directly for more information





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